Through incredible exploration of many things in this life, I am constanty observing+experiencing AWAKENINGS. They ALWAYS lead back to the divine knowing...




     The Infinite Energy of the Universe

Illuminating and stirring AWAKENINGS   



When we are still, breathing deeply and listening...ALL the answers, that have been here all along instantly become clear... like MAGIC!

"The Master knows it's all about the practice!"


I'm an intuitive, AWAKENING guide, healer and Alchemist. I work with Reiki, Sound, Angel/Oracle Tarot, Crystal Energy, Breath, Yoga, and most importantly The Universe...PURE DIVINE LOVE!

I provide a space for Awakening and observation, completely free of judgment. We go on an exploration through breath, language, movement, sound, and stillness. This allows great opportunity for radical shift+ MIRACLES to occur instantly!


I work with large or small groups, in private homes, out in nature, through Skype or in my studio. The studio is nestled in the beautiful mountains of Malibu. 

The ultimate desire for all who work with the magic the Universe has flowing through me is that you will AWAKEN! That you will be touched, moved and inspired to connect deeply and soul-fully with yourself, those around you and the UNIVERSE! 


When we AWAKEN and choose to practice breathing deeply+being present, we OBSERVE...SEE, FEEL who and what we TRULY are...EXTRAORDINARY BEINGS OF PURE DIVINE LOVE!  

When you are open to exploration without the ego or judgment, you are free to drop into your breath + tune into the Universe and explore the great expanse...where possibilities and miracles are infinite! 



PEACE... LOVE + GRATITUDE,                                            


The Illuminator...Kathryn Randall


Certification and Training:

Reiki Master 1+2 Attunement+Certification

Sound Healing Certification

Angel/Oracle Tarot  

Kundalini 100 hr. 

Vinyasa Flow 200 hr. 

Capacitor International Module 1+2  

Energy Medicine Yoga

LIfe study, Yoga, Breathwork and movement with Healers, Mentors, Monks, Shamans and Guides from all over.


I FLOW IN PURE DIVINE LOVE to light the path as an Illuminator for all who come to AWAKEN!    


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