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As an intuitive, healer and guide my greatest desire is to serve for the highest good in every situation.                      I show up with Pure Divine love and the Universe ALWAYS shows up to deliver!

As an Intuitive

Angel Tarot Reading

Kathryn was spot on with my reading and where my journey is at this moment! I've recommended her to my friends and they've had the same experience. I am truly grateful she has come into my life and will continue to go to her for guidance. Thank you, Kathryn!            

                                                                                  Cynthia Los Angeles                                                                                               

Angel Tarot

Kathryn blew me away!  The Angel Tarot Reading was AMAZING.  She provided a beautiful and inviting setting to receive the information.  Her calm and present energy relaxed me in a way that made it so easy to process what she saw for me.  She was so spot on with everything it was unbelievable!   She even gave me a couple of great mantras to keep me on track going forward.  These mantras have already been so helpful.  I am grateful for her guidance and will continue to go to her for her wisdom and connection to spirit.

                                                                                    Trudy P. Topanga, CA

Angel Tarot Reading

I did not know that getting your cards read could be so much fun. 

Kathryn Randall has been practicing for a long time.  She makes you feel very welcome and you feel a sense of calmness around her.  Kathryn knows what she is talking about.  She is truly gifted and I appreciate her spiritual insights, discussions, and advice on how to approach situations in your life.  I highly recommend Kathryn,  she approaches everything with love and healing energy. You will love her!!        

                                                                                    Mary N. Montecito,CA

Angel Tarot Reading

"My reading was amazing and so head on with where my life was at that moment... Kathryn was so in touch intuitively that my reading blew me away... I would absolutely go back to her on a regular basis for guidance and reassurance”​

                                                                        Debbie K. Montecito, CA

The Work

“Show up for your own life,” Kathryn insists! 

“Invite in only what you need, feel free to cut tethers from things you don’t as they only weigh you down and hold you back.” I am so grateful for the work she guided me through and the heart and intention with which she did it. My house and my life run more efficiently now.

I want to thank Kathryn from the bottom of my heart, she’s a modern-day prophet!  

                                                                                                                                                    Staci B. Topanga,CA


Kathryn walked me through the 'Unfolding Process" that offered me the freedom to release things I’d been holding onto for years. She thoughtfully guided me to observe situations and patterns that have subtly sabotaged every area of my whole life! That was an awakening moment!. I am forever grateful to her for holding the space for me to "SEE IT and release it" as she always says!  Thank you for revealing pure authenticity to me and empowering me to live my life to the fullest!    

                                                                                                                         Suzanne G. Los Angeles,CA

"Soul Session"

I am so grateful I was referred to Kathryn by my colleague!  The breathing technique alone has helped me in so many areas of my life. Her dynamic energy and the unrelenting, non-judgemental focus she offers in her sessions is incredible! It really gave me an opportunity to work through some beliefs I've had my whole life, that I actually don't BELIEVE! This work has changed my relationships with co-workers and the constant stream of success I'm having in all areas of my life! Thank you, Kathryn Randall!    

                                                                                                                                              Jordan L. Santa Monica

Soul Sessions

Kathryn Randall is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met! Every time I'm with her I leave feeling amazing! She has this way of guiding you to "shift your thoughts" and it always seems so simple! I've been implementing the things we've created for my life path and it's providing me with so much clarity and flow in my daily life!                                                                           Kimberly S.  Santa Monica, CA

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As an AWAKENING Life Guide