are Interactive gatherings that may cause instant transformation + MIRACLES!

Offer your body, mind, heart + soul the opportunity to


We are constantly being offered awakening opportunities in every moment of our daily lives. Although due to our entrenched beliefs, habits, behaviors, and FEAR we do not surrender or let go.  Beliefs, patterns, and stories confine and define all of our experiences.  We sacrifice our soul's FREEDOM to experience PURE DIVINE LOVE by clinging to our judgments and the illusion of separation. This keeps one in the perpetual grip of repetition that no longer serves the highest good.


We begin with deep cleansing breath and guided meditation. Followed with an acoustic sound healing journey.  The sound healing journey relaxes the nervous system, calms the mind and activates the body's natural healing system on a cellular level. The vibration and sound created with the 440Hz Quartz Crystal sound bowls, gongs, chimes, and other ancient sound healing instruments awaken dormant energy by activating every cell in the body.  

You will be gently guided back and invited to interact with

The Illuminator...Kathryn Randall as she channels Pure Divine LOVE. Questions are welcome from participants regarding areas of life that seem stagnant or blocked.

One by one the questions are received, reframed and offered back in LOVE, oftentimes with a mantra to encourage further expansion in your daily life. 

The opportunity to shift one's thinking, expand and transform begins in this moment. These moments may be referred to as epiphanies, enlightenments, awakenings or miracles! 

 We close with a meditation to further support the insights and shifts you may receive and your daily life until we meet again.


You will leave feeling lighter and more alive than when you arrived!

This is an outdoor interactive experience. 

70min. $25 @the door bring a yoga mat, pillow, water+blanket if its chilly. 

Location: Malibu Mountains

Please e-mail with ANY questions...just tap the box below.