What does this word mean to you? What have you chosen to believe about it?

Pause in this moment ask yourself these questions and see how you FEEL. We often think someone else must do something for the feeling of JOY to be within us. It's actually there all the time we must acknowledge its presence and activate the energy.

Here are a couple of things you can do to activate joy!

1. Write down or say out loud everything in the moment that you are grateful for don't judge any of it...just allow it all to flow out you. 2. Take a walk in silence and listen to the sounds around you allowing them to flow without any judgment attaching itself to what you are hearing and feeling. Feel infinite love and gratitude for everything that is revealing itself to you in the moment and say thank you out loud. 3. Take a deep cleansing

breath in through your nose...upon the inhale embrace that you ARE pure divine love...exhale powerfully out your mouth releasing anything that would keep you from being pure divine love!

Try these simple practices noticing the power you have to simply shift your thoughts and as everything shifts and flows!


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