What does it mean to you to wander? What thoughts, judgements or associations have you attached to the word "WANDER"

Here's a new perspective...Wandering with the intention of discovery.

Try going out for a walk in nature and moving with intention in your body, Slowly, calmly and connected to the earth through the souls of your feet. Heal to toe...heal to toe. Breathing deeply...calmly...slowly...inhaling through your nose and allowing the sweet pure oxygen to enter all the way to the bottom of your lungs. Gently exhaling releasing all that no longer serves you. Listening without any thought or expectation. Hearing sound without trying to identify it. Close your eyes for a moment to observe what it feels like. Feel the air delicately dance over your skin. Notice what arises for you and BE with it without judgement. Embrace and observe allowing the universe and your soul to reveal the amazing opportunity of what lies in the moment for you to SEE, FEEL and BE.

Remember...YOU ARE PURE DIVINE LOVE...choose to radiate this from the center of your soul. Your whole being will radiate PURE DIVINE LOVE to the world around you and more of it will naturally flow to you.


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