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                     REI: The subtle wisdom that permeates everything.

           KI: Non-physical energy flowing through everything that is alive.


Sound naturally calls everything in our being to WAKE UP!

 It awakens Life Force...Chi. Sound and its vibration restore harmony to every cell in the body causing them ALL to vibrate more dynamically!


"If you want to find the secrets of the UNIVERSE... think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration"               Nikola Tesla

Navigating through our daily lives can often leave us feeling depleted, scrambled, and lacking in our Life Force Energy. A Reiki session offers an opportunity to be still while your body, mind, and heart release the areas that are blocked. The subtle, etheric, and physical bodies are amazingly intuitive and know how to heal. They desire alignment and flow by design. You will be aligned with your LIFE FORCE so it flows naturally with ease once again.

Balancing and awakening energy according to the intuitive guidance that comes through while in session,  I may incorporate crystals, Tibetan Sound Bowls, Koshi Chimes, and Quartz Crystal Sound Bowls to further support the Alchemy at the moment. You will notice a lightness of being, overall clarity and peace afterward that may stay with you for some time.

The whole experience ranges from 45-60 min. $125-$150

Are you ready to be in "DIVINE ALIGNMENT" ?