"Miracles are everywhere...

Choose to SEE life from this perspective and you WILL live a miraculous life!"

The Illuminator...K.Randall


The Sacred Lotus in the Malibu Mountains

Come sit in the peaceful studio with me and explore what it is that encourages YOU to want to be still. Observe and figure out what prevents you from doing this and why. I will guide you through the art of dropping into your own breath and connecting to your heart.

You will experience a new way to connect with yourself and others.

You will leave with new insights and tools to support the sustainability of this work in your daily life.

The Angels, Guides and Ascended Masters along with the AMAZING INFINITE ENERGY of the UNIVERSE show up for all who seek guidance!


Create a custom daily practice that suits YOUR life! One that will support what you most desire to manifest!

Through an inquiry process, we will dive into YOU. We will explore what prevents you from doing this now and what inspires you most!  You will leave with a sustainable daily practice designed just for YOU! 

Do you feel STUCK in 1 or more areas of your life? Would you like to explore ideas and practices that will support getting UN-STUCK? People are most likely stuck in patterns and behaviors that no longer serve them BUT they cannot seem to break free of them on their own. Together we will explore triggers, buttons, and ideas you have clung to keep yourself safe most of your life.

You will leave feeling completely heard, understood and supported in a manner that allows you to see all the infinite possibility for change.

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* Teens are $75 an hour for all sessions.

    A parental release must be signed in advance.

* Overtime is $25 every 15 min.

* Skype Sessions available.



As an Illuminator, I hold a space for clients to SEE things clearly+purely from a place of LOVE without judgment! We observe beliefs and patterns. I shed light on whatever is being observed without judgment,  you will feel this the moment you meet me!

Are YOU ready to shift your thinking and change your life? Come to the studio for a session or lets skype and get you on the path that will free you and serve your highest good!


"THE ILLUMINATOR"  Kathryn Randall                                

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